Public Speaking Nerves: Alive and Kicking

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I was interviewed by a great chap – Anthony Smith – today. Anthony runs Wave Link Radio in the US. (By the way, check out the site setup and the info – he and his team have done an awesome job). Anthony is a great interviewer – and really put me at ease.

There’s a point. Do I still get nervous – hell YES!!!!

I have been speaking and presenting for over 30 years. In the early days it was to peers and minor seniors. In more recent years it has been to people of influence and position. The feeling is the same – the nerves kick in and the heart starts beating that little bit faster. Often, a few minutes before a show, I want to run away and hide – nice to see the good old “fight or flight” mechanism is still prominent these days. Mine is perpetually in “flight” mode these days.

Anyhow, it always turns out ok. Like a starlet in Pop Idol, the nerves are greatest just before the performance. Once you begin then your professionalism and poise take over. That is IF you have learned your stuff, know what to talk about and know what to do when things go wrong.

Apart from this, how can you be made to perform at your best? Well, by having people like Anthony interviewing you. A good interviewer will put you at your ease and is unlikely to spring any unpleasant surprises. Don’t forget, even interviewers get stage fright too! A combination of a nervous interviewer and an interviewee in “flight” mode is a recipe for pure disaster.

Anthony is laid back. He is is cool. He is measured and professional. I reckon he would get the best out of anyone, in any situation. You can tell Anthony has done this before, and done it well. Did he ask any of the preprepared questions I sent him prior to the show? No. Did he move into areas that I was slightly less comfortable with? Yes. But the end result was a challenging interviewer in a comfortable environment.

So, another interview completed. Another contact and friend made. Thanks Anthony and Wave Link Radio!

Here’s the interview: Social Media For Business

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