Your Free Book: Easy Steps to Organization

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coverHere it is. This is by far my best selling book on Amazon Kindle and soon it will be turned into an audio and video series. Now you, and your friends, can have it for free (usually $2.99). Spread the love far and wide. It is my pleasure to gift this to you in exchange for only an email address where I can send it to – just enter your email into the form below.

What’s the catch? – there isn’t one. But, of course, if you have any feedback on ways I can improve it, or things you think I need to add, then this will help me when I deliver my audio and video series. But, you can have the book and do nothing more if it pleases you – just enjoy and act on the contents for a more organized life.

Here is the form and below it you can read the published details of the book.

Why do we often hear of people feeling “stressed”, “disorganized” or “under pressure”? What is it in today’s life that makes us appear to have less time than ever before even though we have machines to do much of our legwork? What makes our time melt away and cause us to feel closed in, agitated and out of control?

The answer often comes when we take a step or two back and look at things from a bird’s eye view. It appears we are so wrapped up in all our minutiae that we forget to look at the bigger picture. We focus on the small parts without considering the wider view.

Today we consume almost 3 times as much information than our peers did 50 years ago. We check more correspondence and visit more websites than ever before and all of this consumes our time and attention. There is even evidence that our IQ reduces the more we become distracted by our activities – even to a greater extent than mild drug use.

“Easy Steps to Organization” will help you to:

– Stay in control at work and at home
– Be less stressed and more in control
– Become more effective and productive
– Do more in less time
– Declutter your work and living space
– Delegate more appropriately

Staying in control of our lives requires us to organize ourselves better and this, in turn, requires us to look at the individual parts of what we do and develop a system to turn them into more effective and efficient processes.

Becoming organized takes much less effort that you might think. Thereafter you can reap the benefits and stay in control of your life. Dr Mark Clayson has witnessed this phenomenon in his daily medical practice and now shares the fundamental principles of successful organization.

Social Media and Business – 42

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Many people have a great deal of influence amongst their peers. And a niche forum has a herd power that you may not have expected or been aware of.

When this happens, you lose a certain degree of control. The bottom line is that when you lose these customers and clients to these unknown areas of the internet you want them to leave with good things to say about you. In short, you want everybody to be an evangelist.

The ten percent of dissatisfied customers (if indeed your level is this low) need to be converted at the point of contact that you have with them. This is no easy task but life is harder if it is not attempted. At all times your aim is to increase the people that are willing to give you good reviews and decrease those that have complaints.

Think of traditional advertising and contrast this with social media. With traditional forms of advertising you retain a semblance of control. You decide where to place the ad, what to put in it and who is likely to see it. What you can’t control is how people respond to it.

Now, contrast this with social media where you do not control the conversation which is being had. You don’t provide the information that is being talked about and you can’t control the response that people have. We have discussed this before – the ways in which you can interact with the conversation.

Making good great

The social media landscape has the ability for you to be able to improve the general impressions that relate to your products or services. Provided you do things correctly, the conversations that you engage in can enhance the opinion people have of you and therefore the opinions they have of your products.

Your conversations in the social media milieu can turn a mediocre opinion about your products into a good one and, if you are clever enough, turn a good opinion into a great one. This is something no traditional advert could do.

We have discussed before how problems with your products or services can be identified and rectified simply because of the conversations you might be having. It is like having a customer service department for all to see.

Turning good into great demands more than you just being there. You may need to survey your customers before embarking upon a social media campaign. If you don’t then how do you know how well you are doing?

Public Speaking Nerves: Alive and Kicking

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I was interviewed by a great chap – Anthony Smith – today. Anthony runs Wave Link Radio in the US. (By the way, check out the site setup and the info – he and his team have done an awesome job). Anthony is a great interviewer – and really put me at ease.

There’s a point. Do I still get nervous – hell YES!!!!

I have been speaking and presenting for over 30 years. In the early days it was to peers and minor seniors. In more recent years it has been to people of influence and position. The feeling is the same – the nerves kick in and the heart starts beating that little bit faster. Often, a few minutes before a show, I want to run away and hide – nice to see the good old “fight or flight” mechanism is still prominent these days. Mine is perpetually in “flight” mode these days.

Anyhow, it always turns out ok. Like a starlet in Pop Idol, the nerves are greatest just before the performance. Once you begin then your professionalism and poise take over. That is IF you have learned your stuff, know what to talk about and know what to do when things go wrong.

Apart from this, how can you be made to perform at your best? Well, by having people like Anthony interviewing you. A good interviewer will put you at your ease and is unlikely to spring any unpleasant surprises. Don’t forget, even interviewers get stage fright too! A combination of a nervous interviewer and an interviewee in “flight” mode is a recipe for pure disaster.

Anthony is laid back. He is is cool. He is measured and professional. I reckon he would get the best out of anyone, in any situation. You can tell Anthony has done this before, and done it well. Did he ask any of the preprepared questions I sent him prior to the show? No. Did he move into areas that I was slightly less comfortable with? Yes. But the end result was a challenging interviewer in a comfortable environment.

So, another interview completed. Another contact and friend made. Thanks Anthony and Wave Link Radio!

Here’s the interview: Social Media For Business

Social media: What’s the Big Deal?

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party social media

It’s easy to become disillusioned with social media. After all, it’s hyped up to the nines and owned by a bunch of youngsters who haven’t a care, or a clue, about relationships and marketing. Isn’t it?

The answer, obviously, is “no” and gives me a chance to write this post.

People still don’t get social media. It took me a good while also. Before I came onto the scene there were plenty of companies making big bucks via social media (e.g. Dell and HP) and now there are even more. These companies have deliberately invested time and money into developing a social media campaign and are witnessing the fruits of that investment right here, right now.

You see, there are two groups of people that use social media. Those that want friends and those that want service. The people that want friends are the ones that carry on with their talk about their lunch, their dirty socks and their next gig. I do it too.

The people that want service will look for information that is useful to them – usually info that will solve one of their many problems. They may ask the advice of their friends and peers. That advice can be very powerful. Or, they may see out advice / help from other social media users – including companies.

Example: If you want a ticket to the next Bon Jovi concert, then ask a friend via social media. If you are a business in this ticketing environment then you can engage in this conversation, proviide a great relationship with the ticket-seeker and, possibly, make a sale. At the very least, you are “there” and your brand is likely to get noticed.

I have 70,000+ Twitter followers. Do you think I might be able to help some of those people with some of their problems – the ones that I am suitably expert at? Of course.

Selling something outright via social media is not the best idea. If you went to a party and started trying to sell your goods to everyone you met then you would soon be friend-less. The same goes with social media – consider it a party where you have been invited. Talk to your friends and seek out their problems. If one comes up, then offer a solution if you are suitably qualified to do so.

Businesses that have realised that social media is a powerful form of relationship building are reaping the rewards of their participation. Traditional advertising is not dead, but it is expensive and less effective than social media. The figures appear to support it.

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