Your Free Book: Easy Steps to Organization

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coverHere it is. This is by far my best selling book on Amazon Kindle and soon it will be turned into an audio and video series. Now you, and your friends, can have it for free (usually $2.99). Spread the love far and wide. It is my pleasure to gift this to you in exchange for only an email address where I can send it to – just enter your email into the form below.

What’s the catch? – there isn’t one. But, of course, if you have any feedback on ways I can improve it, or things you think I need to add, then this will help me when I deliver my audio and video series. But, you can have the book and do nothing more if it pleases you – just enjoy and act on the contents for a more organized life.

Here is the form and below it you can read the published details of the book.

Why do we often hear of people feeling “stressed”, “disorganized” or “under pressure”? What is it in today’s life that makes us appear to have less time than ever before even though we have machines to do much of our legwork? What makes our time melt away and cause us to feel closed in, agitated and out of control?

The answer often comes when we take a step or two back and look at things from a bird’s eye view. It appears we are so wrapped up in all our minutiae that we forget to look at the bigger picture. We focus on the small parts without considering the wider view.

Today we consume almost 3 times as much information than our peers did 50 years ago. We check more correspondence and visit more websites than ever before and all of this consumes our time and attention. There is even evidence that our IQ reduces the more we become distracted by our activities – even to a greater extent than mild drug use.

“Easy Steps to Organization” will help you to:

– Stay in control at work and at home
– Be less stressed and more in control
– Become more effective and productive
– Do more in less time
– Declutter your work and living space
– Delegate more appropriately

Staying in control of our lives requires us to organize ourselves better and this, in turn, requires us to look at the individual parts of what we do and develop a system to turn them into more effective and efficient processes.

Becoming organized takes much less effort that you might think. Thereafter you can reap the benefits and stay in control of your life. Dr Mark Clayson has witnessed this phenomenon in his daily medical practice and now shares the fundamental principles of successful organization.

Social Media and Business (6)

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Us humans are social creatures. We love to talk about what has made us happy and we love to talk about what has made us annoyed, frustrated or irritated. We will not stop doing this.

Providing extra platforms for this to be accomplished more easily simply allows us this privilege on a more sustained basis. In a way, social media scratches an itch for each for us, perhaps this is why it is so compelling.

We have access to information at all times of the day and, at times, we must wonder how we ever survived in those good old traditional days.

Who is social media for?

Social media is really for everyone. The type and amount of uses you can find for social media depends largely on your perspective. Are you a business or a consumer?
If you are a consumer then you can stop reading now. What follows is specifically for businesses.

However, most people have both business and consumer blood in their veins. After all, even company owners buy things!

What people think about you, your product or your services is very important. It forms the basis of customer surveys and questionnaires.

Complaints give us a reason to improve. Positive reviews give us a reason to applaud. Whatever your view, those that purchase and use your products or services are vital to your future. Putting it more emphatically, what other people think about you is crucial.

Unfortunately, as with the old traditional internet, it is not possible for you to control what people do or what they say about you. To be sure, there may be reasons why you wish to take out a lawsuit against a particular individual or group but this should be rare. If people don’t like you because you didn’t fulfil their expectations as a provider of goods, then they are likely to say so and, these days, there likely to say so via social media.

You may as well get used to it. People will talk about you whether you like it or not. If you have any presence either locally, nationally or internationally then people are talking about you right now.

I could show you who is talking about you and what they are saying within a few minutes of trying. Some of it may shock you. Not all of your customers like what you do, what you say and how you behave. They may not say this to your face, but they will say it to their friends and acquaintances soon enough.

And what they say is, largely, up to them. You cannot control it. You also cannot control where it goes. Social media is global.

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