My FREE Kindle Book: How You Can Help

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My book – “Easy Steps to Organization” is available free from Amazon between 3rd and 5th December. Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

During the “free” Kindle promotion, you can download it with no charge whatsoever. I don’t collect your details or contact you in any way. You can read the book, keep it, delete it, share it – basically do what you want with it.

Here is the link for you to copy and paste elsewhere:

But, can I ask for your help? You could share your love by doing any, or all, of the following:


After downloading and reading the book:

Return to Amazon and leave a review and a star rating

Post the link on Twitter

Post a message on Google+

Post the link on Facebook

Add the book image to Pinterest with a link to Amazon

Tell people on LinkedIn about the book

Tell anyone and everyone you know – send them the Amazon link.


Using Social Media:

Post a message on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc – send to all your followers and friends

RT my Twitter messsage(s)

Post again before the promotion ends (Dec 5th at 12 midnight Pacific Time)

Post a blog post or short message on your blog

Mention the free ebook on Forums and message boards

Anything else you can think of to promote the book


Your email contacts:

Send a message to your email contacts with a link to the free book on Amazon


I am really grateful for any help. I am trying to get a case study completed on the use of Kindle for book promotions and any of the above activity will help.





Using Social Media to Help the Jobless

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Get that Job Using Social Media?

Many people are turning to social media to find a job. No more are such sites only for your profile and a bit of banter but actual advertisements are being posted. I first saw this on Mashable. Now we are seeing more interaction among the social sites and nowhere is this more apparent than on LinkedIn which has witnessed a huge growth in users..

Medill reports the latest site to be doing this in a big way is MyPath. It provides advantages for the career-seekerand has already amassed nearly 200,000 users. According to MyPath, they offer a blend of expert advice with the best current user experience (social media platform). As a taster, check out career assessments and career planners.

But, they are not alone. A Google search will uncover other me-too companies prepared to compete on the same battlefield – companies such as Brightfuse which alone has over 2.4 million users since last August. Giant Monster is no slouch either and has already begun the fight by developing discussion communities.

I have yet to see virtual video interviews and the real world still beckons for many job applicants and their prospective employers.

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