Free eBook Dec 3rd and 4th

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My ebook “Easy Steps to Organization” is available FREE on the Kindle store for 2 days (Dec 3rd and 4th). Click the image or follow this link to get it – but be quick. Even after this free period, the book is selling for only $0.99 so grab a freebie or a bargain when you can.

If you do get it for free, please leave a rating or review or follow the steps in this post to help promote this collaborative project.

My efforts are part of the Warrior Guides self-Help series. More details can be found HERE and you can buy (or get free) other titles in the series.

Fortune 500 Companies Fail at SEO

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They may have the might of the dollar but small businesses outclass Fortune 500 ones in the SEO stakes. So says Conductor. They analysed several million paid keywords and compared them to their natural search visibility.

The results?

A bit better – but still only 25% appear in the top 50 results. Half of them were nowhere to be seen.

So, let me make my own conclusions.

1. Fortune 500 companies care little about natural search

2. Fortune 500 companies throw huge amounts of money towards paid advertising

3. Fortune 500 companies are missing out on a huge sector of branding and traffic. They need a SEO Expert to counsel them. I’m available.

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Facebook Overtakes Yahoo

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Yahoo has slumped to third in the US in respect of web destination popularity. Google, naturally, is first but Facebook has taken the coveted second spot. Some of this is due to the way the “votes” are counted. This cannot be good news for Yahoo who have always surprised us with their hold near the top of the league table.

In contrast, Facebook continues to rise and recently surged past 400 million users. It now has its sights set on Google in number one spot but the advent of Google Buzz shows that the search engine giant is not going to wither in the sand just yet.

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Get a Buzz Button

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Google Buzz is all the talk at the moment. Some say it can take over from Twitter and Facebook, others are more sceptical. But, what CAN be said is that it is certainly something Google is investing time, energy and resources in – and Google gets most things right. So, best to be aware of Buzz and how it might affect you and your company.

I personally see Buzz as a good adjunct to my own marketing. Social media plays a large part in raising awareness of a product, service or brand and those that are not using it can expect their market share to dwindle. That’s the way it’s gonna be. Try to prove me wrong if you like – tell me when you have done so. When there is proof I am right then make sure you hire me before your competitors do.

Getting back to Google Buzz, there is a plugin for WordPress now (this blog uses WordPress) that allows posts to be shared on Google Buzz just like posts can be shared on Twitter. You should be able to see my own Google Buzz button. Please click it as a test if you think this post is worth sharing. I would appreciate it. And while you are there, click the Tweet button too!

I will be testing Buzz over the coming months. If Google can make the decision to invest in the platform then I think, truly, that I should do the same. It is only fair and proper. Whilst it may seem I am sacificing my own time and energy in this analytical phase, in truth I am not – following Google in most things will make me and my clients richer.

EDIT: I love Google Buzz but I hate the fact my “share it” Buzz image is broken. I am looking into this and will report back.

Social Media News

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Do you have a policy in the workplace on the use of social media? More than two thirds of New Zealand companies don’t. Globally that’s 85%. It appears that the use of social media is accepted for work and business but the distinction between the two are hazy.

The challenge, it seems, is to channel the efforts within social media to the good. Employees have more than just computers to keep in touch – we all have iPhones and Blackberrys after all.

But, at least employers are increasingly seeing social media – such as Facebook and Twitter – as more than idly passing the time with friends.  39% were convinced the could boost branding

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