My FREE Kindle Book: How You Can Help

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My book – “Easy Steps to Organization” is available free from Amazon between 3rd and 5th December. Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

During the “free” Kindle promotion, you can download it with no charge whatsoever. I don’t collect your details or contact you in any way. You can read the book, keep it, delete it, share it – basically do what you want with it.

Here is the link for you to copy and paste elsewhere:

But, can I ask for your help? You could share your love by doing any, or all, of the following:


After downloading and reading the book:

Return to Amazon and leave a review and a star rating

Post the link on Twitter

Post a message on Google+

Post the link on Facebook

Add the book image to Pinterest with a link to Amazon

Tell people on LinkedIn about the book

Tell anyone and everyone you know – send them the Amazon link.


Using Social Media:

Post a message on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc – send to all your followers and friends

RT my Twitter messsage(s)

Post again before the promotion ends (Dec 5th at 12 midnight Pacific Time)

Post a blog post or short message on your blog

Mention the free ebook on Forums and message boards

Anything else you can think of to promote the book


Your email contacts:

Send a message to your email contacts with a link to the free book on Amazon


I am really grateful for any help. I am trying to get a case study completed on the use of Kindle for book promotions and any of the above activity will help.





Social Median and Business – 38

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Action for now

By now, I expect, you are pretty confused about the whole landscape of social media. It is understandable, because, not only is it a little alien to you, but there is a lot of information to take in within a relatively short space of time.

What you need now, is to take a little time out and do a bit of research to see exactly what types of social media are out there for you to consider.

Here are a few types of social media that you might want to delve into to see what people are doing and where they are promoting their brand, product or service.

The first place to go is searching for blogs.

Go to Google has provided a handy index of all the blogs that it finds of use. Generally it will not index blogs that are obscene or spammy.

When you arrive at the homepage you will see a box for searching. Put in one single term that you think might be relevant to your product or service. For example, you could put in “hairdressing”. You will then see a list of blogs that are relevant to the hairdressing environment.

Click each one and have a look around. What makes the blog special? What makes it unique? How are they promoting their products or services? How are they interacting with their visitors?

Another place for you to visit to look for blogs is This is another service to help you search for blogs. However, in contrast to Google, it lists, conveniently, items and statistics that might be of value to you.

For example, you can find the top blog posts that are news stories and sources. You can find the top people, the top keywords, the top videos and the top links.

It gives you a different perspective on the blog environment (commonly termed the blogosphere) and might help you determine the ways in which blogs are used as promotional tools.

Another useful place to go is Beware, this can be a scary place if you have never been before! Planetfeedback gives the consumer the power to make a complaint or to question the activities of companies. There is also a section for compliments but, as a consumer, the most likely thing you are going to do is complain.

If your company is listed in Planetfeedback and a complaint is made about you then you ought to take this seriously. No longer is it just between you and the customer. Everything is freely viewable to the public. It brings new meaning to the phrase “consumer power”.

Of course the brighter people amongst us will realise that any complaint is an opportunity for improving services. Not only can the complaint be dealt with directly with the consumers but it can lead to further evaluation of the services that you provide or the way in which you deal with them.

In this sense, Planetfeedback should be your friend but, from now on, it is worth simply having a look around and objectively evaluating the place it plays in the relationship between consumers and businesses.

The next place to go is to a video posting site. Of course, as you probably know, YouTube ( is the most popular of these. Every single day many thousands of videos are uploaded and watched on YouTube. Now owned by Google, YouTube provides a platform of interaction which is centered around video. However the interaction itself can be performed either via video or via comments and feedback.

When you visit YouTube you will see a familiar looking homepage which lists the most popular videos as well as the latest ones. Again, you will see a search and dialogue box where you can enter any phrase you wish.

As a test, put in “how to” and click “search”. You will be rewarded by an endless list of videos showing people how to do something or other. Imagine if this was about one of your products or services.

Using the hairdressing analogy once again, the video might be about how to wash your hair or how to condition it. It could be demonstrating how to cut your hair, comb your hair, curl your hair, straighten your hair… the list is endless.

Before your mind wanders sideways again, be sure in your mind and know for certain that people are making these videos every day of the week. Many of them are doing it just for laughs. Others are doing it to show that something is either good or bad. There are many instances of products that are being criticised via videos such as these.

These “how to” videos are not the only videos that are uploaded. There is a myriad of other video types being uploaded every single second.

Try to look out for videos about products or services in your niche. What are they trying to show? Are they supportive or critical? How are the products or services described and shared? How could you, as the business owner, get involved with this particular format?

It should be said here that you can easily become involved directly with these sites. There is nothing at all to stop you uploading a video about how good or great your products or services are.

A better way, as we have seen before, would be simply to show how your product or service fulfils a need. How does it work well? What does it provide over and above those of your competitors? How will it solve a problem or difficulty for your potential customers?

Be sure that videos which scratch an itch for consumers will not only be watched by them but will be shared and discussed. Take note of the comments and feedback section on the video posting sites. How could this be of use to you and your business?

One more thing to say about videos. That is, the majority of videos are posted on video hosting sites. But they can be “embedded” on other websites, for example blogs. Whilst this does, of course, make the blogs look rather pretty and attractive it also exposes that particular video to the direct visitors of the blogs without them having to visit the video hosting sites themselves.

Social Media and Business – 28

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There are new types of social media available. Internet forums and message boards, which were always popular, are now more interactive than ever. There are ways in which people can not only upload their content but also share links to their own microblogging pages or Facebook property.

Blogs have a variety of user-selected modifications and plugins available which enable them to do a number of previously unimaginable things. These allow the user to interact in a way never before thought possible, such as by rating and linking.

Podcasts allow audio to be uploaded to a website but also to be available for subscribers to download on a regular basis. In this way, people can get their content without even visiting these websites.

The development of wikis has allowed companies to provide users with online methods to not only read information but edit and reupload information that is already there.

There is no one single type of social media. It is a varied, diverse and dynamic range of interactive possibilities. There are so many social media sites that it would be impossible for one simple person or company to be actively present and engaging on all of them. In fact, that would be a disadvantage.

The one feature that is common to all of these types of social media is that there are various channels of communication and connection. Things are dynamic and fluid.

The interaction and the content changes with time and can be developed, modified and improved. All social media is interactive to a certain extent. People who visit social media sites are not just looking for a service – they are the reason for the social media buzz.

There are thousands upon thousands of examples of social media websites. Some of these include: a range of interactive modalities along with their search engine function the globally comprehensive encyclopaedia which has content that can be added to and modified by others the social networking site where users can interact with friends, join groups and share material

Last.FM: recommendations related to what you listen to a microblogging platform where users update their status is in 140 characters or less

YouTube,com: a vibrant dynamic video posting site the popular image hosting site

These are a mere drop in the social media ocean. There are thousands of similar sites all with their own following and characteristics.

Social Media and Business (2)

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But, in the recent past, social media has changed beyond all of what we would have previously recognised. It has become more “in your face”, more pertinent, more prominent and more effective.

People are flocking to social media like never before and the number of participants has skyrocketed beyond all proportion. Facebook, one popular social media platform, is now the second most visited site on the planet.

YouTube was bought by Google for a vast amount and Flickr has been acquired by Yahoo. These movements demonstrate the power that social networks are unleashing.

Nowadays there are all manner of social media platforms available. There are hundreds of videos sites, microblogging sites, forums, blogs, image hosting sites and other platforms that display a huge array of diversity in the way they manipulate and use established and emerging social media vehicles.

All of this is, of course, great fun. People are moving from traditional media, such as television and radio, towards social media, where they can interact with other people. More hours per week are being spent indulging in forms of social media, and people are interacting more broadly and deeply with others.

This is the right opportunity for all forms of business to engage their customers (and potential customers) in a way which may appear, at first, to be alien and in disrespect to marketing tradition.

But, studies show categorically that social media can significantly improve the health, wellbeing and profits of companies both small and large.

Are You Turning to Google Buzz?

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Google is still trying to compete with Facebook and Twitter in terms of traffic generation. Google Buzz. Sharing through Google Reader has risen by over 34% (this is an estimation but thought to be reliable).

Even this meteoric rise is dwarfed by Twitter and Facebook which account for the vast bulk of social media traffic. Are you using Google Buzz? Has your use of Facebook or Twitter reduced since Feb 9 (when Buzz was introduced)? Will it?

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