My FREE Kindle Book: How You Can Help

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My book – “Easy Steps to Organization” is available free from Amazon between 3rd and 5th December. Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

During the “free” Kindle promotion, you can download it with no charge whatsoever. I don’t collect your details or contact you in any way. You can read the book, keep it, delete it, share it – basically do what you want with it.

Here is the link for you to copy and paste elsewhere:

But, can I ask for your help? You could share your love by doing any, or all, of the following:


After downloading and reading the book:

Return to Amazon and leave a review and a star rating

Post the link on Twitter

Post a message on Google+

Post the link on Facebook

Add the book image to Pinterest with a link to Amazon

Tell people on LinkedIn about the book

Tell anyone and everyone you know – send them the Amazon link.


Using Social Media:

Post a message on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc – send to all your followers and friends

RT my Twitter messsage(s)

Post again before the promotion ends (Dec 5th at 12 midnight Pacific Time)

Post a blog post or short message on your blog

Mention the free ebook on Forums and message boards

Anything else you can think of to promote the book


Your email contacts:

Send a message to your email contacts with a link to the free book on Amazon


I am really grateful for any help. I am trying to get a case study completed on the use of Kindle for book promotions and any of the above activity will help.





Social media: What’s the Big Deal?

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It’s easy to become disillusioned with social media. After all, it’s hyped up to the nines and owned by a bunch of youngsters who haven’t a care, or a clue, about relationships and marketing. Isn’t it?

The answer, obviously, is “no” and gives me a chance to write this post.

People still don’t get social media. It took me a good while also. Before I came onto the scene there were plenty of companies making big bucks via social media (e.g. Dell and HP) and now there are even more. These companies have deliberately invested time and money into developing a social media campaign and are witnessing the fruits of that investment right here, right now.

You see, there are two groups of people that use social media. Those that want friends and those that want service. The people that want friends are the ones that carry on with their talk about their lunch, their dirty socks and their next gig. I do it too.

The people that want service will look for information that is useful to them – usually info that will solve one of their many problems. They may ask the advice of their friends and peers. That advice can be very powerful. Or, they may see out advice / help from other social media users – including companies.

Example: If you want a ticket to the next Bon Jovi concert, then ask a friend via social media. If you are a business in this ticketing environment then you can engage in this conversation, proviide a great relationship with the ticket-seeker and, possibly, make a sale. At the very least, you are “there” and your brand is likely to get noticed.

I have 70,000+ Twitter followers. Do you think I might be able to help some of those people with some of their problems – the ones that I am suitably expert at? Of course.

Selling something outright via social media is not the best idea. If you went to a party and started trying to sell your goods to everyone you met then you would soon be friend-less. The same goes with social media – consider it a party where you have been invited. Talk to your friends and seek out their problems. If one comes up, then offer a solution if you are suitably qualified to do so.

Businesses that have realised that social media is a powerful form of relationship building are reaping the rewards of their participation. Traditional advertising is not dead, but it is expensive and less effective than social media. The figures appear to support it.

US Troops Use Social Media

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As an employer I deprecate the use of socila media in work time (Facebooka nd Twitter etc). It diverts attention, creates inefficiency and, of course, makes me pay for the time my employees are spending doing leisure activities. Nobody got rich by giving money away.

But, US troops are being allowed to use Facebook and Twitter and even if there are risks to security, well, it appears, the benefits are greater. So, sites formerly classed as a security risk are being unblocked.

The US Southern Command has also used social media to help humanitarian tasks such as the earthquake in Haiti and perhaps even the recent one in Chile. Admiral Mike Mullen has more than 16,000 Twitter followers, proving that he is cool with the idea.

Some sites – notably pornography and gambling – are still banned and are likely to be for some time. But David Wennergren, deputy assistant secretary of defence for information technology asserts “we need to take advantage of these capabilities that are out there – this Web 2.0 phenomena”.

This will not apply, in the main, to my personal employees.

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