Your Free Book: Easy Steps to Organization

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coverHere it is. This is by far my best selling book on Amazon Kindle and soon it will be turned into an audio and video series. Now you, and your friends, can have it for free (usually $2.99). Spread the love far and wide. It is my pleasure to gift this to you in exchange for only an email address where I can send it to – just enter your email into the form below.

What’s the catch? – there isn’t one. But, of course, if you have any feedback on ways I can improve it, or things you think I need to add, then this will help me when I deliver my audio and video series. But, you can have the book and do nothing more if it pleases you – just enjoy and act on the contents for a more organized life.

Here is the form and below it you can read the published details of the book.

Why do we often hear of people feeling “stressed”, “disorganized” or “under pressure”? What is it in today’s life that makes us appear to have less time than ever before even though we have machines to do much of our legwork? What makes our time melt away and cause us to feel closed in, agitated and out of control?

The answer often comes when we take a step or two back and look at things from a bird’s eye view. It appears we are so wrapped up in all our minutiae that we forget to look at the bigger picture. We focus on the small parts without considering the wider view.

Today we consume almost 3 times as much information than our peers did 50 years ago. We check more correspondence and visit more websites than ever before and all of this consumes our time and attention. There is even evidence that our IQ reduces the more we become distracted by our activities – even to a greater extent than mild drug use.

“Easy Steps to Organization” will help you to:

– Stay in control at work and at home
– Be less stressed and more in control
– Become more effective and productive
– Do more in less time
– Declutter your work and living space
– Delegate more appropriately

Staying in control of our lives requires us to organize ourselves better and this, in turn, requires us to look at the individual parts of what we do and develop a system to turn them into more effective and efficient processes.

Becoming organized takes much less effort that you might think. Thereafter you can reap the benefits and stay in control of your life. Dr Mark Clayson has witnessed this phenomenon in his daily medical practice and now shares the fundamental principles of successful organization.

Social Media and Business – 28

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There are new types of social media available. Internet forums and message boards, which were always popular, are now more interactive than ever. There are ways in which people can not only upload their content but also share links to their own microblogging pages or Facebook property.

Blogs have a variety of user-selected modifications and plugins available which enable them to do a number of previously unimaginable things. These allow the user to interact in a way never before thought possible, such as by rating and linking.

Podcasts allow audio to be uploaded to a website but also to be available for subscribers to download on a regular basis. In this way, people can get their content without even visiting these websites.

The development of wikis has allowed companies to provide users with online methods to not only read information but edit and reupload information that is already there.

There is no one single type of social media. It is a varied, diverse and dynamic range of interactive possibilities. There are so many social media sites that it would be impossible for one simple person or company to be actively present and engaging on all of them. In fact, that would be a disadvantage.

The one feature that is common to all of these types of social media is that there are various channels of communication and connection. Things are dynamic and fluid.

The interaction and the content changes with time and can be developed, modified and improved. All social media is interactive to a certain extent. People who visit social media sites are not just looking for a service – they are the reason for the social media buzz.

There are thousands upon thousands of examples of social media websites. Some of these include:

Google.com: a range of interactive modalities along with their search engine function

Wikipedia.org: the globally comprehensive encyclopaedia which has content that can be added to and modified by others

Facebook.com: the social networking site where users can interact with friends, join groups and share material

Last.FM: recommendations related to what you listen to

Twitter.com: a microblogging platform where users update their status is in 140 characters or less

YouTube,com: a vibrant dynamic video posting site

Flickr.com: the popular image hosting site

These are a mere drop in the social media ocean. There are thousands of similar sites all with their own following and characteristics.

Social Media and Business – 11

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So the volume of activity increases.

This can act in two main ways. First, the product, service or company can be seen to be worthy and efficient. Secondly they can be made out to be worthless and inefficient. The extent of the success or failure of that particular company or service can depend upon what people are saying about them around the world.

A word of warning. Although you may not be a transglobal company, everything said in this book applies to you.

In my home town, we have the normal range of services. There are accountants, solicitors, plumbers, electricians, car dealers, supermarkets and the widest range of product or service providers you can think of. We will discuss later on, but you must immediately realise, that social media is not only global, it is also local. Increasingly people are geotargeting friends and businesses. I could, for instance, just speak to the people that live in my own town and if I did I’d likely be discussing which hairdresser I use, where I would buy shoes from and who is the best provider for my energy needs.

Life is Short. Make it Worthwhile.

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I met a friend today that I had not seen for many months. We are not that close really but always pass the time of day and try to catch up a little when we eventually do meet. So far, so good.

Today was different. She was in the process of recovering from a major operation which has left her with 2 less bodily organs than she started life with – important organs, too. She is younger than me and is quite understandably devastated and confused by the whole issue.

She had not planned any of this. Just like when we get lost on a long journey, we also get confused, frustrated and angry. We use maps (and sat navs) to chart our course but when disaster strikes, they are of little use. I am sure all of us have had times like this.

Maps are of little use at the time but they can be integrated into future journeys. Seeing people, as I do often, with problems and issues that I am thankful to have avoided in my own life, makes me appreciate what I have just that little bit more.

A healthy family, a good home, food and comforts are things we should be grateful for at all times but we sometimes, naturally, forget. Seeing my friend has helped me to remember some of these things. She has directly helped me in my own life and I believe I indirectly helped in hers to a small extent.

I am certain she will be a greater person the next time I meet her.

Social Platforms Are The New Newspapers

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There has been a shift. It is still happening but the shift is taking place from traditional news exchange towards social media. Although it may feel comforting sitting down reading a newspaper, there is less immediate gratification. Social media can bring instantaneous results for almost every news question.

Blogs, microblogs (like Twitter), social networks, streaming video, discussion forums – they all bring news. The quality and accuracy may, of course, vary. But where else can you find such a rich source of up-to-the-minute news?  Even TV cannot bring this is the same way.

And the multiplicity of available platforms is interesting. A recent survey showed that 92% in the US use more than one platform for their news updates.

What’s the importance of all this? It is an awesome change ripe for opportunity.

No longer are we “fed” news (will the word “newsfeed” become obsolete?). We “access” news. We can personalize the exact news we wish to be informed about. And, furthermore, we can dictate the extent and depth of that access.

The biggest change is that we can now react, interact and personalize with our data. We can respond, question, ask for more information and challenge opinions like never before.

Long live change. Long live the News.

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