I have spoken at many engagements in the UK and the US. Audiences have ranged from small to over 600 strong and have been a variety of lay, professional and business.

Past engagements include speaking at:

– the Royal College of General Practitioners

– The Royal Society of Medicine

– on behalf of the National Asthma Campaign

– at schools

– at Universities and Colleges

– at Internet Marketing Events

I am particularly interested in motivation, self direction, education/learning, mindset and self-esteem and would enjoy presenting to your audience on these or related topics. I use a variety of presentation methods in my work and can accommodate most audiences, resources and facilities.

My fees vary from $0 to $2500 per event! It will depend the nature of the presentation, the location, the audience, the topic and the reason. Please contact me at support@markclayson.com for more information and feedback.