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As time goes on you will be looking for more parameters that might signify a greater involvement with your brands. Some will see a greater volume of conversations whilst others may detect videos, audios and images concerning your products being distributed and shared more and more. Is the vibe about you and your products positive or negative? If the former, enhance it, if the latter, reverse it.

The flavor of the conversations that your customers will be having will vary, partly dependent upon their experiences. Many of them will have questions. They may wish to know how to use or enhance the use of a product you have provided. They may wish to have a problem related to a product sorted out.

If it is a potential customer then they may have a range of queries that they need attending to before they will commit to a purchase.

In all of these situations, and with all of the questions, you should be there to provide the answers. Your evangelists will help you without you even asking but there is no substitute for you being aware.


There are important decisions for you to make. You are already aware that there are not only a multitude of social media websites and facilities available but that there is a huge range of modalities available too. Which one(s) to choose?

You need to make some good decisions lest you waste precious time and valuable resources. It can get expensive if not done correctly. Simply ploughing in without proper thought is ineffectual and doomed to failure. In order to progress further we need to think more about the social platforms themselves.

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