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You will need to start the measurement process to develop the awareness of your social media productivity. Luckily, there are solid and robust ways to accomplish this. Used wisely, you should be able to develop methods that will help you decide the demographics of your audience (who is actually interacting and what their characteristics are).

You should be able to determine what is happening over a period of time (whether the audience is connecting more). You should be able to determine a change in the depth and quality of the conversations and interactions that are being had (whether the engagement is at a more specialised level rather than generic chat).

Finally you should be able to detect a softening of any free floating resistance to your products, services or company stance (showing your involvement creates trust and positivity).

You are looking for all manner of statistics. Who is interacting with what you are sharing and what exactly is being read, listened to and watched? What are these people saying about you and how interactive are they with you? How sticky are these people – will they stay with you?

There are certain things that you would be wise to at least consider. After all, social media demands that you are seen (remember the popular guy at the party?). Your products and services may already be being used by consumers but now is the time to rack up the degree of exposure.

Product Pulse ( allows you to add your product to a large database of other products whilst users give it the thumbs up or thumbs down. The social media world is not only vast but fast. Messages spread quickly and adding additional exposure will only enhance this process. Product Pulse recognizes this feature of the web and begins to take full advantage of it.

Your ultimate aim is to get people talking about you and your products more – and you know what that means in the social media environment.

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