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The conversations of people in the social media universe give evidential credence as a source of information. The mixture of positive and negative affirmations serve far greater than any advert that you could have ever devised.

But how do you go about finding what is being said about you? It may seem that you need to be there all the time in order to wait for somebody to flag up a reference to you or your products and services. This is clearly unworkable.

Luckily there are ways in which you can determine whether people are speaking about or not. I mentioned Blogpulse before. You can use this in order to search the blogs on the internet to detect the mention of your brand or product.

What you can also do is to determine who is mentioning your competitors and this can be useful information for you in developing your own strategy. I have already told you how you can search YouTube but you can search many other social media platforms as well.

For example you can search the microblogging platform Twitter and you can search the image hosting platform Search for references about your company. Are there any? What do they show?

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