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Many companies do, of course, survey their customers on regular basis. The outcomes as to how well people think you are doing needs to be taken into account. A social media campaign based on an already poor performance is not likely to be effective. If your customers think that you are already good and they recommend your products or services to other people then you might be ready for a social media campaign.

You cannot simply guess what people are thinking about you. Traditional advertising, as we have seen, means that you are in charge. You develop the message that you wish to give to your customers or potential customers. You decide on what you think the messages are that they are getting.

The modern world does the opposite. Instead of you deciding what message you are going to give your customers, social media messages tell it as it is. There is little leeway for guessing. People either like you or they don’t. The only thing you can do is to decide why they don’t like you and try to change.

Social media is the reality of the advertising world. People are advertising your worth without you being involved. You ignore this at your peril.

The other main difference between traditional advertising and social media networking is the fact that social media users are happy to talk about the negative side of your products or services whereas traditional advertising only talks about the positive. After all, who would commission an advert that reflectively denigrates their very own products?

Social media users are not so worried about the look of things. They are fuelled by the reality of what you provide rather than the utopia in your mind.

People are talking in the first person. They say “I did this” or “I did that.” They might say “I used this” or “I used that.” Unfortunately they also say what they are not going to use ever again and if it is your product or service, this is to your detriment.

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