About Mark Clayson

I am trained as a general practitioner and currently work in Tamworth. My qualifications have steered me in the direction of education and online training and I currently have blossoming interests in these areas. I have been training and assessing doctors and other healthcare workers for many years and I now help online and offline businesses and individuals develop their potential especially in respect of internet based development. I am an accomplished speaker and author having spoken internationally and written over 2000 articles and more than 16 books. I have traveled widely throughout my career, attending and speaking at conferences, seminars and workshops in many different locations. I have worked with the General Medical Council as a Performance Assessor and Specialist Advisor and together with my positions with the Health Service Ombusdsman and Independent Review Panels have gained a broad knowledge of the education, training and mentoring needed both within and outside of the profession. I have worked recently as a professional Appraiser and have helped many others take action in their personal and professional lives. This has helped my work in Internet Marketing where I coach students as well as running a multitude of websites in a range of areas. I was chosen as one of 7 finalists for the Stompernet Online Entrepreneur Award in Orlando in 2006. My current book titled “Be a Person that Makes a Difference” is the result of my desire to allow people to challenge themselves to become stronger and more influential in their niche area. In particular, my latest book guides people to develop an influence that sees them as an expert in their field. This is useful for those that want to create more profits as part of their influence but also for those that are helping others develop themselves in a non-profitable way.

I live in Hampton-in-Arden near Solihull. I am 52 years old and have a wife and 2 grown children. I love presenting, speaking, writing and developing products and services in conjunction with others.