Today I Am 50 – Wish Me Happy UN-Birthday

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50. It makes you think. Over half my life lived. A special day of sorts and the very least I can do is write a blog post. A birthday makes you feel a bit special – my lovely wife and sons have seen to that already. But, could you all wait until tomorrow and wish me happy UN-birthday instead?

It is easy to feel wonderful and do extra special things on days of honor: birthdays, Christmas, valentines etc. We plan and organise to make everything run smoothly. In effect, all the ducks are in a row.

But on other days? How do we fare then? What keeps us alive and the momentum flowing?

All success has it’s mediocrity. One of my skills is SEO and I hate having to do the backlinks. Even outsourcing has its issues – crappy posts on important blogs and forums by people who don’t really care that much. Sometimes it is better to do it yourself and deal with the boredom of it all.

But these boring bits are what makes, or at least contributes to our success. They are necessary evils and woe betide those that ignore them.

So, there’s a need to feel motivated on these UN-birthday days. The money has to come in somehow. The routine calls.

A friend of mine became, what he called a success. Increasing profits saw him not only claim the big cars and vacation spots but also a large office complex complete with staff. He prided himself in his acquisitions.

His profits slumped. The building needed to be upkept and repaired. The large payroll required managing. Additional staff included a security company, human resource personnel, cleaning contractors, janitorial staff, accountants, lawyers etc. Add to that the misery of sickness amongst the staff, pension payments, holiday time and the constant infighting and bickering and you would not be surprised to learn that my friend had some regrets.

He tried to live each day as if it was his birthday. His “gifts” were the material trappings that showed the world that he was a success. He couldn’t cope too well with the drudgery and routine that lay before him most days. His success shrank (in financial terms) the more “birthdays” he tried to have.

Your success, like mine, will be measured by not what we show to others but what we show to ourselves. The not-so-special days will define us.

Today is my birthday and I shall enjoy it. The next 364 days are my UN-birthday days. Please share your best wishes for these times.

Oh, and before I forget, unless you were born on November 11th, may I be the first to wish YOU a happy and productive UN-birthday for today.

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