My Latest Trip Brings New Ideas

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A short note as I sit in Dublin airport. Travelling is not often glorious – arriving can be. I hate the queuing, the waiting, the delays and the scrutiny. But fresh lands bring fresh ideas or can, at the very least, freshen up old ones.

Meeting new people is invigorating. I often see a new perspective of a current issue. That’s not to say I do things any better than before but I do feel I make a few less mistakes.

Mistakes are good. It makes us change and develop. Sharing the mistakes (aka: experiences) of others can be mutually constructive.

New customs, unfamiliar routines and Un-thought-of perspectives bring forth kinder and safer pathways for us all. I enjoy it even if others don’t. The travel is sapping of energy at times but the journey is almost always worthwhile.

Now to board the plane.

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