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The social web has a different flavor and feel to that of offline marketing. We might use the web to provide validation of our offline methods. Do they deliver what we thought they would?

The social landscape questions our established views of our services and, more than that, it shares the views of others whilst disregarding, in effect, ours.

People are searching for information rather than being spoon fed it by companies. They realise that the information they might receive will not be complicated by bias.

When the conversation gets down to a personal level, as on the social web, there has to be justification for actions and assertions. What is it that makes your product better than your competitor’s? How can you justify your prices and what is unique about the services you offer?

You are telling people why they should go with your business but they are also asking for more detail – a dialogue that traditional media was never able to sustain. Your potential customers are no longer interested in your promotional techniques. Just show them why they should put their faith in you and spare them the pitching.

Traditional advertising brings less participation and interaction. Blindness to these, usually biased, modalities reduces awareness of the marketing messages you are trying to convey.

You now need to think of how you can generate this awareness via the social sphere. How will you do it and with which methods? Which social media channel will be the best fit for your campaigns and which contact points with your customers will you use to generate this wholesome conversation that you are aiming for?

You are getting ready to discard the unproductive and expensive media in favour of your social interaction.

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