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The powerful branding methods of TV and radio advertising are being offset by the humanistic interactive processes of social media conversation. Even TV and radio advertising methods are changing into more participative and entertaining events. Many forms of social media are now being integrated into traditional platforms.

Social reputation

What makes your social reputation – that which establishes you as a trustworthy member of the social set? It can sometimes be difficult to be sure but you can detect when it has happened.

Just like the popular guy at the party, social reputation depends in large part on being noticed and being a part of the activity. Even the popular guy doesn’t always do everything right or to everybody’s liking. But he is in the forefront of everybody’s visual and auditory radar and he gets known because of his presence.

Contrast that with the guy that rarely attends parties and you can see and feel the difference.

Your online party is this diverse and persistent social media world. To be the popular guy you have to be there and be seen. Not everything you do will be acceptable and recognizable to everyone that comes into contact with you. But, people just know you are there. That is a great first step and is a perquisite to becoming the regular guy.

Being there is not easily measurable. We still need ways of asking the popular guy how he knows he is well liked. Attending the party is not enough evidence, although being invited back to the same party or to an alternative one is a pretty powerful indicator.

In the social media world there are a variety of simple measurables to consider. We might look at the number of blog comments – are they increasing, are they positive, are they worthy?

You might look at your website visitors – are they increasing, do people stay longer and do they visit more pages?

We might also look at more quantitative measures – more on that later.

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