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Building a social media campaign

Whenever you engage in a social media conversation then that interrupted conversation is already going on. As we have discussed, the conversation is continuing with or without your presence. By joining in you are effectively putting your foot in the door and saying “hey, I am here.”

If you were to interrupt the conversation what exactly would you be saying? How would you say it and how would you say it to the most people?

Companies have tried to interrupt conversations in the past and have been thwarted over the years. Interrupting people’s leisure time with TV and radio adverts has led to more and more people switching off metaphorically until scheduled programming returns.

The interruption of internet surfing by annoying popups has largely decreased due to popup blockers. We receive less (although still too much) spam email because of powerful spam filters.

The world, and the individuals within it, has become less tolerant to people thrusting things in our faces. We are more selective now.

With the development of the social web, the consumer is in charge. He or she decides on what they want to see and when. He or she will decide the form in which they wish to see things and the degree of interaction they wish to have.

People are now volunteers for the information you wish to provide. The power lies in the simple fact that he or she will choose if they do want to engage in the information you wish to share or not. You are a peripheral component to any such decision. In this case, as you are invited in, instead of being an annoyance, you are a powerful ally in the problem solving behaviour of consumers.

Paradoxically your social web presence can strengthen and validate your traditional advertising methods. We are now seeing the emergence of companies and brand names that use both modalities.

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