Kindle Experiment: Using free book giveaway days

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In a previous post I mentioned a collaborative effort that I am involved in. Briefly, a group of 10 of us are pooling our expertise and resources to develop and promote a series of self-help Kindle books. The project itself is not only fun but an excellent illustration of how to focus on one thing – after all, you are reliant on others just as they are reliant on you. The effort has many dimensions and it would not be my intention to discuss or reveal them all in this post but I wanted to take a bit of time to mention one – free Kindle giveaway days.

Our 11 books are on the Kindle platform, I consider myself a semi-expert on Kindle now but to my shame I had never published via Kindle until this latest project (I say to my shame because in all other respects I am a longstanding and prolific writer). Kindle is still relatively new and growing and people like the portability of their electronic reading devices – coupled, in no small way, by the fact that you can get 10,000 books onto a device smaller and lighter than the average paperback.

Being a Kindle publisher opens new concepts to the average author. For example, people can borrow your Kindle books just like they can borrow conventional works in a local library. People can buy and be reading a book on Kindle within seconds. And they can easily “return” and get refunds for books they don’t care for. Added to this is the Amazon functionality of user ratings, user reviews, “look insides”, free chapters etc. all of which make the book buying (and authoring) experience unique and exciting.

There is one other feature worth mentioning – “free” days. By enrolling into the free “KDP Select” scheme, an author can allow their book to be available free of charge for up to 5 days in any 90 day period. That has to be novel and ground breaking. But why would an author wish his or her book to be available free?

There are several reasons:

  • Get noticed as an author: being a new author can be dificult sometimes – credibility and exposure takes a while to gain momentum
  • Getting your book exposed: your book can be set alongside major publications on free days
  • Encouraging others to read your stuff: getting your work into the hands of readers can brand your writing content and style
  • Encouraging ratings: those reading your book can rate it on a 5 star rating scale
  • Encouraging reviews: readers can place a review on your sales page for others to read
  • Getting onto free sites: by running a free promotion you can take the opportunity of exposing yourself on blogs, forums and book sites, many of which will advertise your free offer without charge – great for gaining more exposure, credibility and reviews.

(In a future blog post, depending on energy and demand, I may share with you a collection of places ripe and ready to feature your books on).

Publishing on the Kindle platform opens up doors that were never known to exist for many authors. Taking advantage of the free promotional days can, with a little extra work, be profitable and, yes, exciting.

My book “Easy Steps to Organization” is available free on the Kindle platform on December 3rd and 4th. You can check it out HERE and see the other titles and the Warrior Guides website


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