What Would a Child Say? Help Me Here

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Here is a chance for you to contribute to my latest project – a book from a child’s view on how they can annoy or shock their parents! Getting their “own back”.

Imagine you were a dog – you could upset your owner by shredding the cushions, digging up the flowerbed or eating food off of the table.

But, if you were a child, how would you annoy your parents?  I am looking for cute ways, funny ways, ingenious ways, innocent ways etc. I don’t want any of the usual stuff (cry all day, shout, argue etc).

Here are a few examples:

“putting half sucked boiled sweets in mum’s purse”

“storing a wet diaper under dad’s pillow”

“making a lovely beach in my bedroom complete with copious amounts of water”

Get the idea?

I will be using stories for my newest book so get your thinking caps on. All contributors will be acknowledged in the book (if you wish to be).

You can reply in the comments section on here or email me at mcc [AT] doctors.net.uk

I need as many ideas as you can muster. Lists are just fine.

Thank you all in advance.

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