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I met a friend today that I had not seen for many months. We are not that close really but always pass the time of day and try to catch up a little when we eventually do meet. So far, so good.

Today was different. She was in the process of recovering from a major operation which has left her with 2 less bodily organs than she started life with – important organs, too. She is younger than me and is quite understandably devastated and confused by the whole issue.

She had not planned any of this. Just like when we get lost on a long journey, we also get confused, frustrated and angry. We use maps (and sat navs) to chart our course but when disaster strikes, they are of little use. I am sure all of us have had times like this.

Maps are of little use at the time but they can be integrated into future journeys. Seeing people, as I do often, with problems and issues that I am thankful to have avoided in my own life, makes me appreciate what I have just that little bit more.

A healthy family, a good home, food and comforts are things we should be grateful for at all times but we sometimes, naturally, forget. Seeing my friend has helped me to remember some of these things. She has directly helped me in my own life and I believe I indirectly helped in hers to a small extent.

I am certain she will be a greater person the next time I meet her.

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