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In the UK we have big supermarkets just like anywhere else. I never really give them a second glance – I am there to buy stuff, that’s all. But today I was in one of the biggest – ASDA (Walmart in the US) and it suddenly dawned on me how clever and powerful these companies are. I have, in fact, noticed many things in the past (I might write something about those in future posts) but today I was at the checkout.

As the items were scanning through I was glancing occasionally at the cash register – £1.15, £0.79, £2.82 etc etc. No big deal and I, like most others, was thinking how much money I am going to spend yet again on basic essentials.

But, the surprise came at the end. When the total came up is showed £44.26 as expected BUT it also said:

 today you have saved £15.67

Then, when I got my receipt, it listed all the items that I had supposedly saved money on – the multibuy savings, the savings on sale items etc – and then, of course, it said I had saved a total of £15.67

The point of this is that we often focus on the cost and feel very disheartened but the supermarkets like to focus on what we have saved. Why? Because we ALL like to save money. Even if we are spending, we like to think we have grabbed a bargain. Money saved FEELS like money given to us (which it isn’t of course – even in sale times, businesses still make a healthy profit).

How can this benefit you in your business? Well, show the consumer what they have saved by buying through you. Show them that it would have cost more elsewhere. You can add to the feelings of saving by combinging products and free gifts. “2 for 1” offers work well as do discounts on further purchases. Think broad and deep.

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