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bg1Have you seen my Twitter background – Cool eh? It was designed by the mind and freedom of a child.

Do you have a child with an artistic flair? Or a child that likes to draw? If so, then get him or her to produce a colorful or exciting picture and I may use it as my background for over 62,000 people to see and admire!

Creating a background is easy – all you need are the following 2 ingredients:

1. A painting program – Paint (free with Windows) will do. Or you can use programs such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP

2. A willing child

The picture needs to be created on the computer or scanned in to an image size of 1600px wide by 1200px tall. It must be less than 800K in size. The left hand area is the one where there will be most details seen (the central area will be covered by the Twitter stream). Concentrate on the left hand side but make the picture cover ALL areas and let your child just have fun!

The image should be sent to me (Mark Clayson) and

How will I choose the ones to show? I will decide on what is most interesting or attractive. Anyone can win!

How often will I change my background? Depending on the number of subnmissions I may do so every week! 


  • 1600×1200 area and less than 800k in size
  • send as attachment to
  • dont’t forget the name and age of the child 

Have fun!

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