Carrie, Declutter and Action

Time and time again I come across people that fail. This happens in many walks of life from my professional field and my social experience to my private life. A task or a project that was started with the best of intentions, somehow develops into something destined to be consigned to the scrapheap only to be replaced by something else. And so the cycle continues.

It happens, still, to me too. However, only in my “real” world, not my online world (or, at least, rarely). I shall give you an example. My son has a shower in his bathroom. The door doesn’t close properly and keeps flicking open. I have promised for months to get it fixed for him – goodness knows it should be simple enough for someone to do.

I haven’t done it (although, in my defence, I did try for a while)

It’s a simple example but serves the point that I am trying to make – that we lose focus on those things around us that need doing. I lost the way with the shower cubicle door but have since put up shelves, dealt with electrical adaptations and installed other features in my home.

So what, you may ask.

Well, the shower cubicle door is still not fixed. But it matters little – apart from some damaged pride, a less fatherly impression for my son and the occasional splash of water on the bathroom floor, everything is still ok.

But what if it DID matter? What if you were trying to make a difference in your life and you just didn’t get anywhere? I find this scenario all-too-frequently.

I often speak to people that are trying to start an online business from home. They, quite rightly, are still in their day job and are using their spare time to work on their dream – to become financially independent. But somehow it just doesn’t happen. They often blame others (distractions, poor advice or misdirection) or the system (overinflated claims, valueless products, technical complexity and scam artists).

The problem is always the individual. Usually that person works alone at home. Apart from their dreams to keep them company, they beaver away at nothing, jinking from one thought to the next, answering incessant emails and messaging calls, working on forums, shopping online or spending too much time reading, preparing and procrastinating.

These people are blind to this element of their development. They have no time left in their world to achieve the success they desire. They have lost their focus and need re-energising and re-calibration.

Focus can often come with support. That support can come from the most unlikely of places – even from the very forums and messaging services that have been such a distraction to them all this time.

It happened to me just recently. I was beginning a decluttering campaign in my office. It needed a tidy up badly as one’s office, often, in my mind at least, reflects the clarity of one’s brain. I had procrastinated – it is easier to do nothing than it is to do undesirable or mundane tasks.

Then I spoke to an influential person – Carrie Wilkerson. I have known Carrie for a while but I have never met her. I know a lot about her, her life and her business – enough to respect her opinions and motives. She is one of the influences in my own world although she would not know this (one day I shall tell her). I spoke on Twitter of the decluttering campaign that I was planning. She immediately decided on the same path and I challenged her that she would not do it. Within 30 minutes, not only had she done the task but had also taken and uploaded photographic evidence of the fact.

Within a short time I had started on my own decluttering. Without Carrie, I would still be sitting in mess.

Bottom line – Carrie made me do something I may not have completed. Having someone to share with / report to / team up with makes you get things done and engenders responsibility in your undertakings.

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  • Ritz says:

    This is so ‘ME’ !
    My problem is that I always need a challenge.
    So I constantly (or try to!) challenge myself.
    It works most of the time.

    Great read Mark.
    I will be checking your blog often now 🙂


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