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Life is Short. Make it Worthwhile.

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I met a friend today that I had not seen for many months. We are not that close really but always pass the time of day and try to catch up a little when we eventually do meet. So far, so good.

Today was different. She was in the process of recovering from a major operation which has left her with 2 less bodily organs than she started life with – important organs, too. She is younger than me and is quite understandably devastated and confused by the whole issue.

She had not planned any of this. Just like when we get lost on a long journey, we also get confused, frustrated and angry. We use maps (and sat navs) to chart our course but when disaster strikes, they are of little use. I am sure all of us have had times like this.

Maps are of little use at the time but they can be integrated into future journeys. Seeing people, as I do often, with problems and issues that I am thankful to have avoided in my own life, makes me appreciate what I have just that little bit more.

A healthy family, a good home, food and comforts are things we should be grateful for at all times but we sometimes, naturally, forget. Seeing my friend has helped me to remember some of these things. She has directly helped me in my own life and I believe I indirectly helped in hers to a small extent.

I am certain she will be a greater person the next time I meet her.

What Would a Child Say? Help Me Here

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Here is a chance for you to contribute to my latest project – a book from a child’s view on how they can annoy or shock their parents! Getting their “own back”.

Imagine you were a dog – you could upset your owner by shredding the cushions, digging up the flowerbed or eating food off of the table.

But, if you were a child, how would you annoy your parents?  I am looking for cute ways, funny ways, ingenious ways, innocent ways etc. I don’t want any of the usual stuff (cry all day, shout, argue etc).

Here are a few examples:

“putting half sucked boiled sweets in mum’s purse”

“storing a wet diaper under dad’s pillow”

“making a lovely beach in my bedroom complete with copious amounts of water”

Get the idea?

I will be using stories for my newest book so get your thinking caps on. All contributors will be acknowledged in the book (if you wish to be).

You can reply in the comments section on here or email me at mcc [AT] doctors.net.uk

I need as many ideas as you can muster. Lists are just fine.

Thank you all in advance.

Parasite Hosting And SEO

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If you are getting started on a shoe-string budget and need to build links to your site for SEO purposes parasite hosting is one good way to go. Firstly it’s free (we all like free) and it can be very effective. In this article we’ll cover just what parasite hosting is and how to take advantage of it for your SEO efforts.I want you to be confident that you can learn seo.

Parasite hosting is the fancy name coined for web sites that allow you to build blogs, web pages or even web sites for free. There are literally dozens of these sites out there and some of them have extremely high page rank, as high as 8 or 9. Now that doesn’t mean the blog or page you put up will have that page rank but it will still look good to Google and the rest of the search engines. They consider this as “being in a good neighborhood”.

I have no doubt you already know some of these web sites and just did not know they were considered parasite hosts. Does WordPress or Hubpages ring a bell? You may not have heard of others like Xanga or Wetpaint but they are also high PR sites that you can use to build quality one way back-links to whatever page of your site you wish. Just do a search for free blog or top free blogs and you will find a bunch of them.

Taking advantage of this for SEO is easy. Just put up a free blog (or several) using content related to your niche. It’s very important to make sure you only use articles or posts that are relevant to the market you are in. Within that content put an anchor text link or two pointing to the page of your site you want to boost the rankings for, how easy is that!

If you do not know how to make an anchor text link don’t worry. All these site provide you with a WYSIWYG editor to build your blog with. Simply highlight the text you want to use for your anchor text link, click the chain icon, put in the address to the page you want to link to and you’re done.

You can really ramp this up and give your web site even more SEO impact by building several of these free blogs into a link wheel. What’s a link wheel you ask? It simply means linking several sites together in a chain, the last site linking to the first. This really increases the link juice you are passing on to your main site. But why stop here? Build a second link wheel that has links going to the first one. Your imagination and creativity are your only limitations.

The next thing you will want to do to really turn up the link juice is to use social bookmarking on all the free sites you create. By doing this the links going from these free sites to your main web site will give even more SEO benefit.

You should now have a good understanding of what parasite hosting is. As you have seen there are many ways to take advantage of free blogs and web sites to build links for SEO and increase the rankings of your web site. That only leaves one thing, get out there and start building links. We have only scratched the surface of search engine optimization here in this post. To get the best seo course go to that page now.

I Learned Today From a Supermarket

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In the UK we have big supermarkets just like anywhere else. I never really give them a second glance – I am there to buy stuff, that’s all. But today I was in one of the biggest – ASDA (Walmart in the US) and it suddenly dawned on me how clever and powerful these companies are. I have, in fact, noticed many things in the past (I might write something about those in future posts) but today I was at the checkout.

As the items were scanning through I was glancing occasionally at the cash register – £1.15, £0.79, £2.82 etc etc. No big deal and I, like most others, was thinking how much money I am going to spend yet again on basic essentials.

But, the surprise came at the end. When the total came up is showed £44.26 as expected BUT it also said:

 today you have saved £15.67

Then, when I got my receipt, it listed all the items that I had supposedly saved money on – the multibuy savings, the savings on sale items etc – and then, of course, it said I had saved a total of £15.67

The point of this is that we often focus on the cost and feel very disheartened but the supermarkets like to focus on what we have saved. Why? Because we ALL like to save money. Even if we are spending, we like to think we have grabbed a bargain. Money saved FEELS like money given to us (which it isn’t of course – even in sale times, businesses still make a healthy profit).

How can this benefit you in your business? Well, show the consumer what they have saved by buying through you. Show them that it would have cost more elsewhere. You can add to the feelings of saving by combinging products and free gifts. “2 for 1” offers work well as do discounts on further purchases. Think broad and deep.

Create a Book From Your Blog

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If you have a WordPress, LiveJournal or Blogger blog then you can create a pdf book directly from it! It’s simple and cool to do!

Here’s  how (with WordPress):

1. Export your blog to your computer (use Tools ->Export) from the dashboard)

2. Go to BlogBooker

3. Click “WordPress” (if you are using WordPress)

4. Click “choose file” and navigate to where you downloaded the exported file

5. Insert your blof URL (address)

6. Click “create your BlogBook”


A pdf book in seconds

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