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Fortune 500 Companies Fail at SEO

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They may have the might of the dollar but small businesses outclass Fortune 500 ones in the SEO stakes. So says Conductor. They analysed several million paid keywords and compared them to their natural search visibility.

The results?

A bit better – but still only 25% appear in the top 50 results. Half of them were nowhere to be seen.

So, let me make my own conclusions.

1. Fortune 500 companies care little about natural search

2. Fortune 500 companies throw huge amounts of money towards paid advertising

3. Fortune 500 companies are missing out on a huge sector of branding and traffic. They need a SEO Expert to counsel them. I’m available.

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Banks Should Use More Social Media

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Banks should use Social Media

Datamonitor has produced a report in which is concludes that banks should start using social media  to build trust, loyalty and improve relationships with customers. I find it unbelievable that it taken them (Datamonitor, or any other report provider) to come to this conclusion. Clever (that is, observant) online and offline businesses have been using social media in this self same way for some considerable time with more than excellent success. It is surprising that more firms have not yet taken hold of the initiative.

The fact that, as is pointed out, 50% of consumers are using online tools to make decisions should have been a dead giveaway that being IN this environment might have been a good thing.

Being in the social media space, consumers often make recommendations, give reviews or make comments (positive or negative) about a brand or service. Banks, as well as other companies, can use their own presence in this space to provide real time customer focussed service, to be aware of the conversations about them and their products and to actively and aggressively be aware of the effect their competition is having.

The social space conversations are happening whether a company is there or not. Being there can help a company be part of the narrative.

Starting An Online Business

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We all know that a huge raft of new business people have started online since the internet was invented. Fortunes have been made, and lost.  But still there has never been a better time to start working online. It is relatively cheap, cost effective and there are numerous places and tools that can help you on your way.

You don’t have to be the next Amazon, eBay or YouTube. Most people make comfortable livings starting small. You can start a basic shop with a free weodpress platform (this blog that you are reading runs wordpress) and a customised plugin to make it all work properly. The best bit is that anyone can do it. Young or old are equally at home. You can work from the privacy of your bedroom, no commute and little in the way of headaches that bricks-and-mortar business owners have.

For me, creating a business has been an up and down affair. I, personally, started the wrong way and thought I was in control. I wasn’t, and now that I know “the ropes” I have reached the stage where maintaining and creating sites and “real estate” online is child’s play. I own and run numerous web sites and receive an income from them all – largely on autopilot.

You can start off small and still fit it in with your existing family or job commitments. Indeed, many people work totally part time on the internet. Never before has such flexibility been available to all.

The biggest hurdle has to be coming to grips with the technology. None of it is hard really and most people these days are familiar with computers and the internet. However, I agree there are areas that require a bit of thought and contemplation. Luckily, there are places that will give you the help for free just for asking – forums, blogs, tutorial sites. And if you are stuck, do like I did, hire someone to sort out your problems.

The variety of what you can do on the net is phenomenal. I have many ecommerce-type sites as well as blogs, article directories and product sites. I also sell services. You can do all of this too. You just need to get started.

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Is Money Bad?

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Is it bad to want money? Is it the root of all evil? Perhaps. Certainly there are people in this world that make it so. Greed and power go so much together.
But on a more reflective level, we all need money. And, no, it is NOT bad to make money (provided you can do it in a legitimate way).
What IS legitimate? Nobody knows, or hardly cares, it seems.
I have seen many adverts and sales pages that simply lie through their teeth. Despite the standards of advertising that we are all supposed to adhere to, companies and individuals blatantly lie. This is not “snake oil” lying of course, but rather a method of making claims or associations that lure us into buying their products or services.

So, they make money out of their misrepresentations. But we still buy. And we buy again and again.
At this moment, I am sitting at a $600 desk, on a $200 chair and using a $2000 computer. These were all bought with the money that people gave me after I asked them for (via my products / service).
Does that make it bad? Of course not. All our possessions are bought with the money that someone else has given us. Just because your income originates from the state or from your private company does not mean that you can hold a higher moral ground. That money still comes from someone and they pay you for whatever you do.

Even those that sail yachts, drive expensive cars and own multiple properties still need to feed themselves and their kids, clothe themselves and keep themselves warm. Only the relativity of the situation is different from you or me.
Sometimes, people ask me to do things for free. I sometimes oblige. I am an easy going sort of guy. But more often that not, those people that are asking for something free are simply degrading your worth and making a statement meaning they will do nothing with your gift.
Money pays the bills but it also makes you more alert to the opportunity before you. Paying for something makes you appreciate it more, utilise the messages that come from it and starts you on the road to perception of your own worth.

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