Facebook: An Interesting Lesson for Business

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Do you use Facebook? Perhaps you think it to be about young people exchanging immature views, getting together and sharing their favorite music, photos and videos.

(SIDEBAR: There is NOTHING wrong with this in any case. If you have a product or service that appeals to this particular group {read – “anything” they use, look at or want} then you should be in this group’s consciousness)

… back on track …

I read an interesting report of a kitchen company that were thinking of using Facebook. the objections were that it took time and energy and, quite frankly, there was so much other stuff going on in the business that there was no time left to devote to this frippery of social media.

This is a drastically wrong stance to take. I will tell you why.

1. social media platforms is where your customers are. They are there everyday chatting, moaning, joking, sharing.

2. where else can you go to find a huge group of potential customers? Even if you stood in the street you wouldn’t be in front of so many people

3. people WANT your product. Maybe not now, maybe not from you (yet) but most things that people sell will be wanted by someone at some stage.

4. people are not always in buying mode – but they can be coaxed

This kitchen person I mentioned eventually joined Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.Previous clients are now part of their conversation (do you know how powerful satisfied clients can be?). They stay in touch with old customers and prospective one and their name and service is in the forefront of everyone’s mind. They don’t sell on facebook etc – they share and take part in the community.

A Way To Powerfully Brand Yourself With Twitter

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As you may know, I am an avid Twitter user (you can find me at I use it every day and have
found it to be a superb way to make good contacts for my business.
Twitter is much more than a micro-chatting platform and you must
not believe what others say about it. One day I will reveal all of
my secrets but that will have to wait.
Although I use Twitter a lot, I was concerned about the fact that I
was advertising for other people with almost every Tweet I sent.
Well – not any more! You see, whenever you send a Tweet from a
third party application your message will often say something like
“from twitterfeed” or some other third part application name.
Clicking on that message sends you to the app and it is brilliant
Well, I can NOW choose for that link to say “from Mark Clayson” and
when people click they get sent to MY website. In fact, I can get
Can you see the power of this? Can you see how you can encourage
visitors to go almost anywhere you want them to? It is brilliant.
You can even use affiliate links!
How do I do it? Well, I use a simple and inexpensive piece of
software. It allows much more than what I have already stated – for
example you can have UNLIMITED Twitter accounts and you can follow
your Twitterers easily through a smartly designed interface.
But, for me, the main power is that of being able to brand myself
through the “from” link on each Tweet. And as I Tweet a LOT, you
can see why I like the interaction Twitter gives me.
Go to the software homepage for more information and a video that
describes everything this software offers.
Let me know how you get on and, if you use the software, tell me if
you have any other clever ways of making it even better value than
it already is

Fortune 500 Companies Fail at SEO

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They may have the might of the dollar but small businesses outclass Fortune 500 ones in the SEO stakes. So says Conductor. They analysed several million paid keywords and compared them to their natural search visibility.

The results?

A bit better – but still only 25% appear in the top 50 results. Half of them were nowhere to be seen.

So, let me make my own conclusions.

1. Fortune 500 companies care little about natural search

2. Fortune 500 companies throw huge amounts of money towards paid advertising

3. Fortune 500 companies are missing out on a huge sector of branding and traffic. They need a SEO Expert to counsel them. I’m available.

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Banks Should Use More Social Media

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Banks should use Social Media

Datamonitor has produced a report in which is concludes that banks should start using social media  to build trust, loyalty and improve relationships with customers. I find it unbelievable that it taken them (Datamonitor, or any other report provider) to come to this conclusion. Clever (that is, observant) online and offline businesses have been using social media in this self same way for some considerable time with more than excellent success. It is surprising that more firms have not yet taken hold of the initiative.

The fact that, as is pointed out, 50% of consumers are using online tools to make decisions should have been a dead giveaway that being IN this environment might have been a good thing.

Being in the social media space, consumers often make recommendations, give reviews or make comments (positive or negative) about a brand or service. Banks, as well as other companies, can use their own presence in this space to provide real time customer focussed service, to be aware of the conversations about them and their products and to actively and aggressively be aware of the effect their competition is having.

The social space conversations are happening whether a company is there or not. Being there can help a company be part of the narrative.

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