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Many companies have had problems with their staff. An industrial dispute can led to a strike call or other forms of industrial action whereby staff refuse to work or work “to rule.” in order to draw attention to their pay and other conditions. Companies and employers have to cope as best they can with all this. How can social media help situations like these?

Keep In Touch

Social media, for all its faults, is, after all, an interactive and immediate media. The benefits of this to a business is that they can keep pace with what is being said in the social space and can react accordingly. In fact, better than reacting, is to be proactive.

Therefore, a company or business could write things like:

– we apologise for any inconvenience

– all orders will be processed as soon as possible

– for more information, call the hotline on xxx-xxxx-xxxx

The underlying principle here is to stay in touch with your customers. If a company can be seen to be caring for the plight of, in this case passengers, then they will be forgiven, at least in part, for the predicament that each individual customer finds themselves in.

Furthermore, buy being in the social space and tracking the various conversations, Employers and businesses will be able to track comments and messages and be in a better position to anticipate problems and issues and better placed to respond to the media and angry customers.

This can be quite a revelation for customers who are used to reactive responses from businesses. Social media allows this to happen effortlessly.

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