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As you may know, I am an avid Twitter user (you can find me at
http://www.twitter.com/markclayson). I use it every day and have
found it to be a superb way to make good contacts for my business.
Twitter is much more than a micro-chatting platform and you must
not believe what others say about it. One day I will reveal all of
my secrets but that will have to wait.
Although I use Twitter a lot, I was concerned about the fact that I
was advertising for other people with almost every Tweet I sent.
Well – not any more! You see, whenever you send a Tweet from a
third party application your message will often say something like
“from twitterfeed” or some other third part application name.
Clicking on that message sends you to the app and it is brilliant
Well, I can NOW choose for that link to say “from Mark Clayson” and
when people click they get sent to MY website. In fact, I can get
Can you see the power of this? Can you see how you can encourage
visitors to go almost anywhere you want them to? It is brilliant.
You can even use affiliate links!
How do I do it? Well, I use a simple and inexpensive piece of
software. It allows much more than what I have already stated – for
example you can have UNLIMITED Twitter accounts and you can follow
your Twitterers easily through a smartly designed interface.
But, for me, the main power is that of being able to brand myself
through the “from” link on each Tweet. And as I Tweet a LOT, you
can see why I like the interaction Twitter gives me.
Go to the software homepage for more information and a video that
describes everything this software offers.
Let me know how you get on and, if you use the software, tell me if
you have any other clever ways of making it even better value than
it already is

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