Some Fantastic Twitter Backgrounds…but

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There are plenty of designers with some fantastic Twitter backgrounds. I admire the flair and creativity of many of them. If you go to SixRevisions you can drool over even more.

Many have said how they like my Twitter background – but, sadly it does not appear in the list! Perhaps only designers can create something special and newsworthy? I would ask you to at least have a look and if you like anything of what you see then come back and click the “Tweet” at the top of this post. This will give more people a chance to say how delusioned I am. Until then, have fun looking at the professional designs at SixRevisions.

Starting An Online Business

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We all know that a huge raft of new business people have started online since the internet was invented. Fortunes have been made, and lost.  But still there has never been a better time to start working online. It is relatively cheap, cost effective and there are numerous places and tools that can help you on your way.

You don’t have to be the next Amazon, eBay or YouTube. Most people make comfortable livings starting small. You can start a basic shop with a free weodpress platform (this blog that you are reading runs wordpress) and a customised plugin to make it all work properly. The best bit is that anyone can do it. Young or old are equally at home. You can work from the privacy of your bedroom, no commute and little in the way of headaches that bricks-and-mortar business owners have.

For me, creating a business has been an up and down affair. I, personally, started the wrong way and thought I was in control. I wasn’t, and now that I know “the ropes” I have reached the stage where maintaining and creating sites and “real estate” online is child’s play. I own and run numerous web sites and receive an income from them all – largely on autopilot.

You can start off small and still fit it in with your existing family or job commitments. Indeed, many people work totally part time on the internet. Never before has such flexibility been available to all.

The biggest hurdle has to be coming to grips with the technology. None of it is hard really and most people these days are familiar with computers and the internet. However, I agree there are areas that require a bit of thought and contemplation. Luckily, there are places that will give you the help for free just for asking – forums, blogs, tutorial sites. And if you are stuck, do like I did, hire someone to sort out your problems.

The variety of what you can do on the net is phenomenal. I have many ecommerce-type sites as well as blogs, article directories and product sites. I also sell services. You can do all of this too. You just need to get started.

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