Limited offer – Work with me to use the awesome power of webinars

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I am sure you have heard the buzz about the latest offering from
Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins – WebinarJam. I am not here to tell
you just how awesome it is but to tell you how you can get a bonus
that you just will not see anywhere else. But you have to be fast
as the offer from Mike and Andy ends tomorrow.

Before I get to my bonus offer, let me remind you about webinars.
Frankly, webinars are the quickest and most effective way to make
sales to a targeted audience. They combine the power of an
effective presentation platform with the emotional connect of the
human touch within your presentation. And, what is more, webinars
can be held with just you as the presenter or with the assistance
and diversity of co-presenters.

WebinarJam takes it a step further. Until now, to hold a webinar
you would most likely use GoToWebinar. That is what I have used
when I have interviewed experts. But, the catch with GoToWebinar is
that you need to pay a monthly fee of either $99 or $497 – ouch!

WebinarJam is a ONE TIME fee – but that fee will rise after
tomorrow. For that payment, you have the power of webinars run via
Google Hangouts for life. There are no complicated setups, no need
to learn coding. You can see the full comparisons with GoToWebinar
by following the link below.

Nothing – and I mean nothing – has come this close to an almost
perfect presentation platform that is fast, efficient, cheap and
packed with awesome features. If you use webinars already, then
check out what I mean. If you have never used webinars, then you
SHOULD – get in touch with me (pretty darn quick) to ask any
questions about what webinars are and what they can do for you.

My Bonus Offer

Not many people are offering bonuses for this product because the
cost is stupidly low to start with. But I want to show you how
awesome it can be to incorporate webinars into your campaigns.

So, if you buy WebinarJam via my link then I am offering to
interview you about any subject that you wish – a product, a
service, a passion. I will use WebinarJam to do it and I will
supply you with all the advice for preparation, a guided
walkthrough of the interview itself (especially useful if you have
never done an interview or if you are nervous) plus the finished
recording that you can do anything with you wish. The webinar
itself can be a completed product for you to give away or sell plus
you can also promote your products ON the webinar, create more
awareness in your niche and increase the size of your email list at
the same time. PLUS I will promote the finished interview via my
74,000 Twitter following.

The offer for WebinarJam ends in approximately 24 hours so you have
to be quick. Plus the offer of working with me can only happen if
WebinarJam is ordered via my link (naturally).

I worked with Andy Jenkins when he was leading Stompernet and I
know Mike Filsaime from old as his was one of the first products I
ever bought. They are solid product developers and they stand by
their reputation. I have written many books, conducted many
interviews and established many contacts, so working with me will
be a valuable addition to your marketing efforts.

Get clicking NOW to find out what WebinarJam offers and don’t
forget to ask any questions.

Happy Webinaring!


Your Free Book: Easy Steps to Organization

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coverHere it is. This is by far my best selling book on Amazon Kindle and soon it will be turned into an audio and video series. Now you, and your friends, can have it for free (usually $2.99). Spread the love far and wide. It is my pleasure to gift this to you in exchange for only an email address where I can send it to – just enter your email into the form below.

What’s the catch? – there isn’t one. But, of course, if you have any feedback on ways I can improve it, or things you think I need to add, then this will help me when I deliver my audio and video series. But, you can have the book and do nothing more if it pleases you – just enjoy and act on the contents for a more organized life.

Here is the form and below it you can read the published details of the book.

Why do we often hear of people feeling “stressed”, “disorganized” or “under pressure”? What is it in today’s life that makes us appear to have less time than ever before even though we have machines to do much of our legwork? What makes our time melt away and cause us to feel closed in, agitated and out of control?

The answer often comes when we take a step or two back and look at things from a bird’s eye view. It appears we are so wrapped up in all our minutiae that we forget to look at the bigger picture. We focus on the small parts without considering the wider view.

Today we consume almost 3 times as much information than our peers did 50 years ago. We check more correspondence and visit more websites than ever before and all of this consumes our time and attention. There is even evidence that our IQ reduces the more we become distracted by our activities – even to a greater extent than mild drug use.

“Easy Steps to Organization” will help you to:

– Stay in control at work and at home
– Be less stressed and more in control
– Become more effective and productive
– Do more in less time
– Declutter your work and living space
– Delegate more appropriately

Staying in control of our lives requires us to organize ourselves better and this, in turn, requires us to look at the individual parts of what we do and develop a system to turn them into more effective and efficient processes.

Becoming organized takes much less effort that you might think. Thereafter you can reap the benefits and stay in control of your life. Dr Mark Clayson has witnessed this phenomenon in his daily medical practice and now shares the fundamental principles of successful organization.

Should you publish?

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When people meet me, we invariably get into a discussion regarding publishing. As many of you will probably already know, I have been writing and publishing, in various forms, for over 30 years. It’s something I enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction from. It is also something I have taught to others over the years.

But should YOU publish?

The answer depends on a number of factors, not least of which is WHAT are you going to publish – because there are several different ways to publish something. But, most people mean “publish books” when they talk about publishing. So I will stick with that concept for the rest of this post.

What are the advantages of publishing a book?

Consider these:

  • Greater exposure – a book can gain you a wider audience
  • Greater credibility – a book can give you that credibility that you need (after all, how many people do YOU know that have written and published a book?)
  • Greater income – some people make a full-time living out of writing and publishing
  • Greater networking – collaborative publishing can enhance your network of like minded people
  • Greater incentive – getting one book published can be a simple stepping stone to getting more done in a productive and progressive way.


But, of course, I am aware that people are afraid of publishing something for a variety of reasons – including fear, time constraints and lack of knowledge regarding the process.

Yes, there are considerations and hurdles to overcome but they are easily surmountable. the more you worry about them, the bigger the barriers appear. Trust me, the process is easily do-able. I have done it many times.

I am going to produce a course to explain it all step-by-step so that it becomes clear to all.

Don’t forget: we all have a book (or two) in us. Including YOU!


Free eBook Dec 3rd and 4th

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My ebook “Easy Steps to Organization” is available FREE on the Kindle store for 2 days (Dec 3rd and 4th). Click the image or follow this link to get it – but be quick. Even after this free period, the book is selling for only $0.99 so grab a freebie or a bargain when you can.

If you do get it for free, please leave a rating or review or follow the steps in this post to help promote this collaborative project.

My efforts are part of the Warrior Guides self-Help series. More details can be found HERE and you can buy (or get free) other titles in the series.

My FREE Kindle Book: How You Can Help

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My book – “Easy Steps to Organization” is available free from Amazon between 3rd and 5th December. Here is the link to the book on Amazon.

During the “free” Kindle promotion, you can download it with no charge whatsoever. I don’t collect your details or contact you in any way. You can read the book, keep it, delete it, share it – basically do what you want with it.

Here is the link for you to copy and paste elsewhere:

But, can I ask for your help? You could share your love by doing any, or all, of the following:


After downloading and reading the book:

Return to Amazon and leave a review and a star rating

Post the link on Twitter

Post a message on Google+

Post the link on Facebook

Add the book image to Pinterest with a link to Amazon

Tell people on LinkedIn about the book

Tell anyone and everyone you know – send them the Amazon link.


Using Social Media:

Post a message on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc – send to all your followers and friends

RT my Twitter messsage(s)

Post again before the promotion ends (Dec 5th at 12 midnight Pacific Time)

Post a blog post or short message on your blog

Mention the free ebook on Forums and message boards

Anything else you can think of to promote the book


Your email contacts:

Send a message to your email contacts with a link to the free book on Amazon


I am really grateful for any help. I am trying to get a case study completed on the use of Kindle for book promotions and any of the above activity will help.





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